Windows 7 Features That Can Make Your Life Easier

17/09/2013 15:07

Windows 7 was released with lots of latest features, like improvement up-to-date and handwriting recognition, virtual harddrive support, improved performance in multi-core processors, improved boot performance, Direct Access, and kernel improvements. There were numerous conditions made people need to ditch Microsoft. Now Microsoft has released Windows 7 hoping of turning around the catastrophe which was Vista. The first thing you'll notice you may notice Windows 7 for the first time is the desktop.


There are a couple of performance improvements using this version as well. Your PC will resume sleep mode quicker, so waiting is a thing with the past. Backup and restore - Windows 7 allow you advance backup and restore option for the data safety. The new Intel Core i7 processor can also take advantage with the Windows 7 operating-system to provide unmatched speed and optimized performance to PCs. You can also find this program in the start menu. Select Windows Fax and Scan, which will start this system.


Now, resize your open windows using the help a characteristic called Snap. It's a new method in which drags the window to the edges of one's screen and so resizes it. This help and support feature in Windows 7 not just gives you general and more information on how to work with Windows and also helps you by providing answers from Microsoft around the particular problems you happen to be facing. 64 bit support - Windows 7 supports 64-bit feature. It means Windows 7 are designed for larger volume of information in comparison on the 32-bit main system. Modern systems are designed so the user will no longer has to be worried about manual driver installations or rebooting after every system option change.


There can be another neat feature called HomeGroup, that is a network that men and women are able to join in order to have quick access to sharing files and folders. Well, you have luck because Windows 7 is equipped with the capacity to transmit and receive fax messages to your computer. In addition, it has full 64 Bit support as a way to utilize 64 Bit processors for their full potential. Additional features include location aware printing, encrypting file system, presentation mode and the power to run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode.


There are numerous people that are determined to try it out and lots of that already have it installed on the computers as I speak. Generally, you ought to notice a decline in alerts from Windows 7 when compared with Vista. UAC level might be set to a single of four possible levels. For instance, any program which is suitable for the Windows main system will now respond for a touch. According to many users and specialists, Windows 7 is what Vista should have been a few years ago. 

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